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It has been a joy, and very profitable for me, to be a work at home travel agent. I don’t work for a travel agency, I am a freelancer who shares what I love and earn from the affiliate programs I promote.

You are on my travel website now and can see that some of what I do is obvious.

I will share with you those things that are not so obvious as well.

A work from home travel business can be very lucrative, if you start with the right tools.

Your start up costs are minimal. This is a business in which you don’t need your own products or service.

Your income is based on connecting people with what others offer and getting a percentage of the reward.

Success as a Work at Home Travel Agent

To be a successful travel consultant, you need three things:

  • Your own website
  • Lots of traffic (visitors) to that website
  • Several ways to earn income from those visitors

Don’t let these necessities discourage you. I’ll walk you through the steps to creating your travel business, including setting up a website that anyone can build.

Site Build It Overview: Site Build It is the website builder I use. There are lots of website building programs on the market. Some are cheaper. None...no one...offers the tools, the support, and the ongoing innovation you will get with SBI. They don't just help you build a website; they help you build your business.

How to Produce Income From Your Website

On another page I share my Top 10 Work From Home income generators.

Once you have a website you can begin to learn how to earn several types of income. The first type of income is passive income. This type of income comes from affiliate programs and is a great fit for a work at home travel agent who is just starting out. Here are the affiliate programs I presently use.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program is also easy to join. Once you have been accepted into the program, you can easily learn how to copy code for the products you want to sell. It's a good idea to target a product to the theme of your page as I have done here: How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency

Commission Junction: This is what is called an "affiliate aggregator." They have hundreds of affiliate programs. You can sign up for those that are a good fit for your website. It is best to get a few pages up on your site before you apply to affiliate programs. 

Trip Advisor is my top income earning affiliate program through Commission Junction. Visitors who go to TA through an affiliate link produce income for the website owner.

Because I promote Minnesota Travel, I have many links on my website that take visitors to Trip Advisor's Minnesota Vacations pages. Here is what a TA link looks like: Minnesota Vacations

Google Adsense: It's fairly easy to qualify for an adsense account which allows you to use Google code on your website to generate income. Income is generated for you when a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.

Again, Site Build It will teach you where to find those streams of passive income and how to implement them.

Earn Commission Income as a
Work at Home Travel Agent 
with Tours and Bookings

Starting a business as a work at home travel agent has never been easier, or cheaper. You can get a piece of this  $7 billion dollar business with your own home travel agency. You could also open yourself to one of the biggest scams going with those who want to entice you into an MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme. They will offer to set you up with a website, give you access to discounted travel, and charge you a large monthly fee for this. Please be cautious! If you consider going this route at all, please check BBB reports on the company.

The Better Way: Take control of your travel business by owning all parts of it. 

Many Site Build It website owners bought their site to promote travel in their favorite area. It is so much easier to be enthusiastic about an area you know and love than to try to "cover the world" of travel. Here you can see the many SBI owners who have established a travel business as well as those who have built other types of businesses: Site Build It Results

You can start your work at home travel agency in this way without quitting your current job. This allows you to gain entry to the travel business, without reducing your present income.

Beyond Passive Income

Travel website owners have found so many ways to increase income beyond passive ads on our websites. These include connecting with local tour agencies to promote tours in our areas...for a fee of course. Another way is to sell your own advertising. Here is a link to where/how I do that: Internet Marketing Minnesota

Create your own products: A complete guide to Minnesota state parks is our own Kindle sebook Minnesota State Parks: From Afton to Zippel Bay

If you don't want to write your own ebook, you can be an affiliate at Click Bank. There are thousands of ebooks there that you can promote for a commission.

You can also create products on Etsy, Zazzle, etc. and sell them on your website. Become a reseller through a drop shipping arrangement. Just search for the term "drop shipper" and you will find many ways to do this. 

All of these ways to "monetize" your website will be taught to you through the Site Build It website program.

You surely have more questions about how to get started as a work at home travel agent. Feel free to use the contact form on this website to ask. Another great way to get a feel for what others are doing to build the business they want is to join us on the Site Build It Facebook page.

Site Build It Facebook Page

My favorite thing about being a work from home travel agent is that I get to travel! My target audience is people who want to know more about the attractions and events in Minnesota. I get to grab my camera, gas up my car, and “play tourist.” Using my own photos and experiences makes what I write authentic. I become a trusted advisor for those who want to travel in the area I know so well. 

Research Can Be So Much Fun!

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

We do not accept guest posts. You are welcome to comment on the topics on any page. Please keep your comments topic relative. Ads and photos on our site are purchased from out graphics affiliates. Thank you.
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