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Romantic Picnic Ideas

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If you are looking for romantic picnic ideas, we have them. A picnic is a perfect place to use those romantic proposal ideas you have and are tops on the list of any romantic vacation ideas.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Explore the possibilities of one of the most romantic date ideas with these tips about how to make the most of a special time together. 

Choose a picnic destination where you can be alone. Just be sure to choose a place where you feel safe. 

Many public parks, state parks and scenic areas have lovely spots away from the crowds where you can enjoy each other. We love romantic picnics near a lake, river or waterfall.

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

Your romantic picnic can begin as a spontaneous part of a romantic vacation. Or, if you only have an hour or two for a lovers' interlude don't pass up the opportunity. Pick up some food at a market or restaurant and head for a nearby park.

Romantic picnic ideas also add spark to a beach vacation.

Romantic Picnic Ideas Galore!

It's fun to be spontaneous; it's also very romantic to plan a romantic picnic in detail and make it an "all day affair." Here is a list of suggestions for items to include in preparing for a day of intimacy in the beautiful outdoors.

  • Bring a blanket to spread on the ground. We keep a colorful blanket that we purchased in Mexico in the trunk of our car so we are always ready for a last minute picnic.
  • Take along a portable CD player and some favorite romantic CDs. Have you heard the quote that "music is the food of love?" It's true. The right romantic music can add much to the romantic atmosphere.
  • Bring along a cooler filled with special treats.  Cheese, bread, wine and chocolate covered strawberries are traditional romantic foods to share. Choose those if you like them and add whatever else you both enjoy.  
Romantic Picnic Ideas

Try any or all of these:

  • Share bites of food with your partner. Sharing your food and even feeding each other is a great way to become closer as a couple.
  • Ask your partner to dance with you to the music on the CD player.
  • Bring along some romantic love poems to read to each other.
  • If you are in a secluded spot near a beach or lake and the weather is warm, go for a skinny dip with your partner.
  • Climb a grassy hill and lie down on the blanket with your partner to watch the clouds. Play the child’s game of looking for shapes in the cloud formations.
  • If you are in a park with swings enjoy again this simple pleasure from childhood. 
  • On a windy day, bring along a kite to fly together

After a day of playing together, build a bonfire on the beach or in a fire pit in the park. Toast marshmallows and watch as the embers of the fire climb into the night sky.

Love is an intense emotion and experience. Sometimes "working on our relationship" can seem like just that...work. These romantic picnic ideas are meant to encourage you to have fun together and create some wonderful memories.

Let these romantic picnic ideas be the starting point for many romantic dates. Taking time to nurture your love relationship is one of the most important priorities in life.

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Romantic Picnic Ideas


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