Romantic Evening Ideas

Creative romantic evening ideas that include some romantic picnic ideas and romantic proposal ideas.   

Romantic Evening Ideas

The best romantic evening ideas begin early in the day...or even a day or two in advance. There is nothing more romantic than knowing someone has been thinking of you, and planning ways to please you.

It can be fun to surprise your loved one with a romantic evening...just be sure you know their schedule and that they will not have to disappoint you because of another commitment. The goal is to create the mood for romance. Your romantic evening at home should appeal to all the senses.

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• You might start with flowers sent to your lover at work with a note that says something like: "Thinking of you; can't wait to be with you tonight." 

• Plan ahead for romantic music. Create a CD mix that "speaks" your personal romantic words of love. You could also choose music that has been meaningful to both of you as the background for your time together.

• Soft lighting or candlelight is a must. Or set a table on the patio where you can savor dinner while watching the sunset and enjoy dessert as the moon rises.

If you are a good cook, make the dinner yourself; if not order food from a favorite restaurant that you can heat and serve.

Watch a romantic movie together. More often than not, this will be a "chick flick." If you're the guy, here is a chance to show your sensitive side.

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 Romantic Evening Ideas for An Evening Out 

Getting out on the town is, for some couples, the way to fully experience a romantic evening. One of the advantages is that no one has to do the work and both of you can equally enjoy the fun. Think about what is romantic for you as a couple and do those things. Here are some "traditional" ways to be romantic together. 

Romantic Evening Ideas

Have dinner in a restaurant that really knows how to create a romantic mood and is known for pleasing diners.

• Attend a concert. If there is a favorite group or musician perfoming in your area, get some tickets and go. If some of the music is the "soundtrack of your romance" all the better.

• Go dancing at a local disco, jazz club or wherever they play "your" music.

• Take a late evening walk along the beach. Hold hands, kiss, cuddle, draw hearts and write love notes in the sand.

Plan a romantic picnic.

Take a horse and buggy ride through the city streets. In winter you could take a horse drawn sleigh ride in several Minnesota locations.

Reserve the most romantic room in the most romantic hotel or bed & breakfast inn.

Spend a romantic evening...and night...enjoying luxurious pampering at a spa resort.

One of the most romantic evening ideas is to connect on a deeper level through conversation. Really talk and really listen to each other.

  • Take turns asking each other "what do you think about..." on a topic of mutual interest. Steer clear of topics that might cause disagreement. Talk about things that inspire; talk about your future together; talk in ways that encourage and affirm.
  • Indulge in some nostalgic conversation. Start sentences with "remember when..." we met...our first date...when we first held hands...our first kiss....
  • Think about the reasons you love and admire your parter...then actually say the words to him or her.

These romantic evening ideas are guaranteed to lead to a romantic night and many romantic days to come.

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