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Minnesota Tourist Attractions

Explore Minnesota tourist attractions in the most popular tourists spots in Minnesota. One of our favorite views is of St. Paul, our home town, from a riverboat excursion.   

Minnesota Tourist Attractions in the City

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

Promotion of Minnesota tourism is our way of sharing this state where we've spent our lives. We've lived in several small northern towns and in the Twin Cities.We have family in all parts of the state so, at every opportunity, we find ourselves exploring and taking pictures for the website. Though we've lived here all our lives, we still keep several guidebooks with us when we travel. These are a few favorites.

The Visit Minnesota website has some specific pages that include the word "attractions," however every page is dedicated to offering you ideas and information that will guide you to a great Minnesota tourism experience. The drop-down menu in the page header will take you to the pages you need,

We also encourage you to explore Minnesota's less well known travel destinations...those that people who live here return to time and again.

Find the best prices on lodging everywhere in Minnesota by checking out the current deals on hotels, inns and other Minnesota lodging options.

With everything from sod houses to skyscrapers, from timeless steamboat towns on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, to Wobegonic farm country in the west, and from Minneapolis's world class art scene to a record-setting ball of twine, this state will leave even seasoned travelers impressed." ~ Tricia Cornell, The Moon Minnesota Handbook

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Popular Minnesota Tourist Attractions

Minnesota Tourist Attractions Roadside

Minnesota's attractions are as diverse as the tourists who are attracted to Minnesota!

What is a tourist? The dictionary definition says that a tourist is "someone who travels for recreational or leisure purposes."

That's pretty inclusive! If you are looking for recreation or leisure, you've come to the right place.

Minnesota geography trivia and fun facts about Minnesota.

Minnesota Tourist Attractions Outdoors

Minnesota Tourist Attractions Outdoors

Many visitors want to experience Minnesota outdoor activities. There are few other places that offer the variety you will find in Minnesota. 

Minnesota's wilderness and diversity of habitat are prime Minnesota tourist attractions. You can get into the wilderness with a Boundary Waters Minnesota Vacation

Voyageurs National Park is another place to experience Minnesota tourist attractions in a vacation spot that is unlike an other place on earth. Our many Minnesota state parks allow you to spend a day, a week, or more living with nature.

Minnesota Tourist Attractions WIildlife

Road Trips across Minnesota will give you amazing photo opportunities and unique experiences on every adventure.

Minnesota lakes and rivers lure anyone who is interested in water sports. Visitors who want to fish, boat, water-ski or just relax on a beautiful beach have many choices. Some of our lakes are huge; Lake Superior is known as our "inland sea" and supports a worldwide shipping industry as well as a booming tourist industry. Smaller lakes are ringed with rustic cabins and world class resorts that offer solitude or busy activity according to your desire.

We are famous for our wild animals. You can find many places to see Minnesota wildlife and get some wonderful photos.

Four Seasons of Minnesota Tourist Attractions

Minnesota Tourist Attractions in Autumn

Visit Minnesota in autumn to experience our glorious autumn scenery; Explore our lovely wineries. Take in some of our autumn festivals.

Winter Tourist Information Resources

Minnesota Tourist Attractions in Winter

Plan your  winter vacation with this list of  winter vacation ideas.

Minnesota Ski Resorts offer the best of winter recreation with ski hills, tubing, trails for cross-country skiing, and programs for those who want to learn how to have fun in winter. The photo on this page was taken at the new tubing hill in Detroit Lakes. 

Lutsen is a top vacation destination for skiing and other winter recreation. 

Skiing is just one popular winter activity in Minnesota. We have miles of groomed snowmobile trails, and trails for snowshoeing. Dog sled tours are offered in many parts of the state. Skating rinks can be found in almost every town. For these, and other, ideas about how to celebrate winter, check out our list of winter sports.

Winter festivals in Minnesota celebrate the beauty of winter tourist attractions and winter recreation. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is the most well known of these celebrations.

Minnesota is also a dream destination for visitors who want to experience Minnesota arts and culture including a world class art and theater scene.

A Prairie Home Companion is just one of many entertainment traditions. The Minnesota State Fair is not to be missed.

Enjoy a taste of Minnesota with our unique recipes. 

Learn more about Minnesota history or explore the life and traditions of Minnesota Native American tribes.

Nobody knows more about where to go and what to do in Minnesota than those who have lived here for a long time and experienced it.

As lifelong residents, we have explored Minnesota from north to south and east to west. It is still our favorite tourist destination.

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