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Minnesota Facts & Fun Facts

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Some of these Minnesota facts will help with your travel plans or research. Our Minnesota fun facts let you in on all that is unique, and even quirky, about Minnesota and Minnesotans. 

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

Minnesota Facts
Minnesota Souvenirs

One fact about Minnesota is that we have many distinct vacation spots. Each area of the state is unique.  You'll get some insight into your choices by reading a bit about our top 10 vacation spots.

Choose your destination by the attractions you most want to see.

Whatever you want to know about Minnesota, we're pretty sure that the links on this page will lead you to what you are looking for. We also have a page of "fun facts" that you can use to amaze others with your knowledge of the North Star state.

There are seven unique regions in Minnesota and each offers it's own experience of the state. We have an extensive list of cities and towns where you can read about what you can enjoy as a tourist.

Minnesota facts about our beautiful state parks, our thousands of lakes and rivers and, as well, our national parks and forests are all offered to help you discover this place we love. 

Minnesota Facts from Basic to Quirky

Minnesota Facts
Minnesota Vacations Reviews of attractions and events all across the state.

Minnesota State Symbols is a page about what the symbols are and why they were chosen. We have a symbol for our state flag, state tree, state fish, state muffin, state apple....you get the idea! We even have a page that uses the food symbols in state recipes!

Enjoy a bit of history and geography about Minnesota. See how our Native American population still informs so much of who we are. Get the inside info about our four seasons and what you can do to keep Minnesota green.

Minnesota winters provide fun and challenges as well as lots of jokes about winter.

Some of our best celebrations are our winter festivals.

Minnesota Facts

We are generally a good humored bunch.

Most of our jokes and stories are those we tell on ourselves.

Garrison Keillor has, of course, become famous for poking fun at all things Minnesotan.

As they say "you know you're a Minnesotan if..."

Much of what makes us "special" is celebrated in our favorite festivals and celebrations.

We hope you now have a good overview of what makes the state unique and why you should explore more. If not, you can always go to our online vacation planning page and ask your question.

Minnesota Facts

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