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Extreme Snowmobiling in Minnesota

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Extreme snowmobiling

Experience extreme snowmobiling on your Minnesota snowmobiling vacation. Extreme sledding and snowmobiling are a natural in our state.

Snowmobiling challenging trails and participating in snowmobile races are some of the ways to experience this activity that is becoming a favorite among those who love challenging Minnesota winter activities.

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

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Extreme snowmobiling can be a fun and exciting sport. It is also a risky sport. Before you decide to engage in it, learn all you can. Take some lessons from those who are experts and read all the books you can find on the sport.  

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Some of the variations of this type of snowmobiling include vintage snowmobile races, "water-skipping," grass races and more.

Snowmobiling to the extreme means pushing your machine and your abilities to their limits. It is all about stunts and tricks. Aggressive riders are drawn to the sport though most snowmobilers, with practice, can learn the basics and then practice by challenging themselves and their machines at freestyle competitions.

Extreme Snowmobiling (To the Extreme) by Mandi R. Marx

One extreme challenge is to travel the "winter highway." You and your snowmobiling friends can follow this trail from LuVerne to Grand Marais. Businesses along this trail have posted signs welcoming snowmobilers. Hotels and restaurants on the trail offer parking lots for riders.

There are several good trail guides for Minnesota snowmobilers. This is one:

Northeastern Minnesota All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide

You can also contact the Minnesota DNR to request Public Recreation Information Maps. www.dnr.state.mn.us

Snowmobiling state trails requires a State Trails Sticker. You can purchase one at most gas stations and sporting goods stores as well as at DNR offices.

Get in touch with the Minnesota Snowmobilers Association to get a copy of Explore Minnesota Snowmobiling. You can call them at 763-577-0185 or by email at www.snowmobile-mnusa.org

There are a number of snowmobile associations and snowmobile clubs in Minnesota where you can join others who are interested in challenging snowmobiling activities. Check out the links below to get connected.

Both you and your sled must be up to the challenges this extreme sport poses. Your sled needs to be able to do hill climbing and boon docking through chest deep powder as well as being sensitive to quick turns at the slightest lean. If your snowmobile is not up to these challenges, you will need to invest in one that is.

Extreme Sledding is another page of the Visit Minnesota website that you may enjoy.

Check out other Minnesota snowmobiling ideas and also learn something about the history of snowmobiling in Minnesota.

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