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  • Minnesota State Flower

    Did you know that the pink and white lady slipper is Minnesota’s state flower? This delicate and beautiful flower has been a symbol of the North Star State since 1902. Minnesota Statutes 1902 section 1.142 spells out its adoption.  A 28-mile highway between Blackeduck, MN, and Cass Lake, MN, was once called the “Scenic Highway.” It’s now named […]

  • Minnesota State Tree

    Did you know that Minnesota has an official state tree? It’s true! The red pine, also known as the Norway pine, was designated as the state tree by state legislation passed in 1953.  The legislation establishing the red pine as Minnesota’s state tree can be found in Chapter 1, Section 1.143 of the Minnesota Statutes. […]

  • Ole and Lena Jokes

    If you’re from the Midwest like Minnesota, chances are you’ve heard a few Ole and Lena jokes in your day. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Ole and Lena are the stereotypical Norwegian couple who are the butt of many jokes. They’re known for their thick accents, love of lutefisk, and, well, not being […]

  • Minnesota Jokes About Winter

    Minnesota jokes about winter help us deal with the challeges we face by laughing at Minnesota winter jokes. Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots. We love to share Minnesota jokes. Winter gives us lots of opportunity to […]

  • Viola Minnesota Gopher Count Festival

    Viola Minnesota is in southern Minnesota near Rochester. Viola is known state-wide as the site of the annual Gopher Count Festival. The Gopher Count Festival has been held on the third Thursday in June nearly every year since 1874 and is the longest-running annual community festival in Minnesota. The festival attracts hundreds of people from […]