Best Beaches in Minnesota

What’s more relaxing than spending the day at a beautiful beach? Minnesota has some great ones! There are plenty of fantastic beaches in this state, but we think these ten will leave you feeling satisfied.

1) Thomas Beach, Lake Calhoun

The picturesque setting and calm waters of Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun make it one great spot for relaxation. It was voted best beach in Minnesota by WCCO viewers, so you know it’s worth checking out. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a kayak or canoe and explore the lake.

2) Lake Phalen

Lake Phalen is one of the most beautiful beaches in Minnesota. It’s not only big enough for a day with family and friends, but there are plenty of activities including sunbathing, fishing ,volleyball or golfing to keep everyone busy. You can also enjoy some shade at nearby hotels if you need it too – this place has everything going on. If something more exciting than sitting by a lake doesn’t tickle your fancy then check out some of the attractions in St. Paul, Harriet Island, or take a Mississippi riverboat cruise on one of the Padelford Boats.

3) Park Point Beach

Park Point Beach is another must-visit beach in Minnesota. It offers 6 miles of beach to enjoy, making it the largest beach in the state. The water is shallow and warm, making it perfect for swimming and relaxing. The beach is part of the Park Point Recreation Zone, which offers facilities such as change rooms and restrooms. There are also lifeguards on duty during peak hours. The view from Park Point Beach is beautiful, with the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge in the distance. Some hotels offer a great view of the bridge, our favorite being Park Point Marina Inn.

4) Square Lake, Stillwaters

Located just a short drive from the Twin Cities, Square Lake near Stillwater offers a picturesque setting for a day of relaxation and recreation. The clear water is popular with scuba divers, and picnickers will enjoy finding a shady spot on the shore. Bicycle riders also flock to the lake, as it is near the Gateway State Trail. There is a daily vehicle charge of $5 to enter the park. With its beautiful scenery and various activities available, Square Lake is a great destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

5) Fort Snelling Beach

At Fort Snelling Beach, visitors can soak up the sun on the beautiful sandy shore while being protected by lifeguards on duty. The beach is just a small part of the 3,000 acres of Fort Snelling State Park, where there are plenty of activities to enjoy. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, visitors may also spot some wildlife while exploring the park. A state park ticket covers access to all the amenities at Fort Snelling Beach and the surrounding park, making it a perfect summer destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

6) Lake Harriet

Minneapolis is famous for many things, but one of its most iconic features is the Chain of Lakes. Comprising four interconnected lakes – Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles, and Cedar Lake – the Chain of Lakes is a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. The lakes are connected by narrow channels, making it easy to explore all of them from your non-motorized watercraft. Lake Harriet is the largest in the chain of lakes in Minnesota. Its beauty draws visitors from all over to participate in activities such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and simply enjoying the view. The lake has two beaches with lifeguards on duty, making it a safe destination for families. Along with its natural beauty, Lake Harriet also offers a variety of entertainment options such as live music and performances at its band shell. The lake is easily accessible with its paved walking and biking path that circles the entire lake. Overall, Lake Harriet is a perfect destination for those looking to spend a day soaking up the sun and enjoying all the amenities this lovely lake has to offer.

7) Lake of the Woods, Zippel Bay State Park

One of the best things about visiting Lake of the Woods in Minnesota is the stunning views of the water stretching for miles. The 2 miles of sandy beach at Zippel Bay State Park is a perfect spot to set up camp and spend a few days soaking in the serenity of this inland sea. As the farthest north spot of the state park, visitors can even catch a glimpse of Kenora, Ontario located 80miles across the inland sea. And while taking in all this natural beauty, keep an eye out for wildflowers like the lady slipper, Minnesota’s state flower.

8) Lake Mille Lacs

A trip to Lake Mille Lacs is the perfect getaway for a weekend filled with fun in the sun. Located 1.5 drive away from the north of twin cities, it’s a great spot for camping. With its beautiful beachfront access, visitors can spend their days lounging on the sandy shores or taking a dip in the refreshing water. Those looking to stay active can explore the nearby Soo Line Trail by bike or on foot. Camping at Father Hennepin State Park is the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in all that this stunning lake has to offer.

9) Black Sand Beach

Visiting Black Sand Beach in Silver Bay is like discovering a hidden gem. Located just below Silver Bay on the city access road, the soft black sand, a result of the taconite mining in the area, adds to the secluded feel of the beach tucked away in a small cove. The beach is great for swimming and offers three separate stretches of shoreline.

10) Detroit Lake Public Beach

Spending a day at Detroit Lake Public Beach in Minnesota is the perfect way to soak up some sun and have fun. The beach is clean and lined with trees for shade, making it the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. You can take a stroll along the 1 mile sandy shoreline or relax on the green patch of beachfront. And for those looking for more activity, the lake is bustling with boats and jet skis. There are also a few cafes nearby to grab a bite to eat. With its sandy shore, shady trees, and various activities, Detroit Lake Public Beach is great for families and a fantastic summer destination.