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Adventure Tours Travel

Minnesota adventure tours travel destinations include the amazing Boundary Waters, the mysterious Devils Kettle, and a newly created National Park. And this is just the beginning of the adventures you can experience here.

The "trip of a lifetime" for many is a Boundary Waters canoe trip.

Imagine more than a million acres of unspoiled wilderness, vast waterways, the world's best canoeing, haunting loon calls breaking the silence, and the designation of "one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S."  

National Geographic Traveler Magazine includes the BWCAW on their list of the "50 Places of A Lifetime" to explore. It's right up there with the Taj Mahal, Venice and the Grand Canyon.

Exploring the Boundary Waters: A Trip Planner and Guide to the BWCAW

Plan your adventure of a lifetime into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Sea kayaking trips in Minnesota? Your experiences in the Boundary waters and, as well, on our "inland sea," Lake Superior, certainly qualify. You can also kayak more than 11,000 miles of lakeshore in Minnesota as well as 92,000 miles of rivers and streams.  

Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include beautiful family vacation resorts, cabins, and dozens of state parks and many other top family vacations spots.

Voyageurs National Park (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map)

Similar adventure tours travel destinations can be found, with fewer restrictions than the Boundary Waters, in Voyageurs National Park

Load your adventure kayak with the necessary gear and head out!

Spring Adventure Tours Travel

Adventure Tours Travel

Minnesota is truly an "all four seasons of the year" vacation destination. 

Great River Road - Experience the beauty of spring with a road trip that follows the Mississippi River route. You can begin on our southern border and travel north to the "birthplace" of the Mighty Mississippi in Itasca State Park or begin at Itasca and follow the river route south. 

Minnesota Road Trip Travel: The Great River Road trip is just one of many scenic road trips in Minnesota. Many of them have intriguing names like "Lady Slipper Byway" and "Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway." 

Roadside Attractions: Minnesota's wealth of roadside "cement statutes" offer fun photo opportunities. Discover the "World's Smallest Gas Station" and many more unique "only in Minnesota" attractions.

Minnesota Atlas and Gazetteer

Facts About Spring: The arrival of spring in Minnesota is difficult to predict. We usually announce that spring has arrived when the ice is out of all our lakes. This varies from year to year. Be spontaneous if you want to enjoy this season here. Just a couple of "spring things" include enjoying the profuse display of wild flowers including our state flower, the Showy Ladyslipper

The State Mushroom - the much sought Morel - can be found in spring. A tasty mushroom recipe can be found on our page of Minnesota State Recipes.

Making maple syrup is an experience you can enjoy in Minnesota. The delicious result can be used in these tasty maple syrup recipes.

The Minnesota Book of Skills: Your Guide to Smoking Whitefish, Sauna Etiquette, Tick Extraction, and More

Summer Adventure Tours Travel 

Adventure Tours Travel

Minnesota offers almost limitless opportunities for summer adventure tours travel. This is when the most people tour the state so it is wise to book lodging and tours far in advance.

Scuba Diving Lake Superior - This adventure will take you deep into the Great Lake to look for "buried treasure" and to view some of the shipwrecks that lie at the bottom of stormy Superior.

Lake Superior Circle Tour: The Minnesota portions of this scenic road trip will take you from Duluth to the Canadian Border. Extend your journey by completing the "circle" all the way around the greatest of the Great Lakes.

Lake Superior Lighthouse Tour - Begin with the lighthouse in the Duluth harbor and stop at every light house along the North Shore. You can spend a night on one of them!

61 Gems on Highway 61: Your Guide to Minnesota’s North Shore, from Well-Known Attractions to Best-Kept Secrets

Gunflint Trail - Don't miss the opportunity to explore this side trip along Lake Superior. See some unspoiled wilderness and stop for a night or two at the famed Gunflint Lodge.

Facts About Summer - When does summer begin in Minnesota? Why do tourists flock to Minnesota in summer? Does everyone in Minnesota own a cabin on a lake? If you have questions about summer in Minnesota, we have answers.

Romantic Getaways in some of Minnesota's most charming towns. Summer is a great time to stay in a romantic bed and breakfast inn, explore towns like Lanesboro and Harmony, and other southern Minnesota getaways.

Adventure Tours Travel

Autumn Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours Travel

This may be the very best time of year in Minnesota for a road trip.

Minnesota Autumn: Minnesota is covered in multi-colored glory in autumn. Leaf-looking road trips get everyone out to explore the beauty.

Minnesota Autumn Scenery: The color changes move from north to south across the state so you will find crowds on the North Shore as the fall season begins.

Private Minnesota Vacation Rentals in every region of Minnesota

Winter Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours Travel

Some of our favorite adventure tours travel destinations are places where we can enjoy  outdoor winter sports. We don't hide from winter; we get out to play.

Minnesota Winter Vacation Ideas

Snowmobiling Minnesota - Minnesota's trail system offers opportunity to get away from it all in almost every region of the state. There are snowmobile trails near most major cities as well as trails that take you into the wilderness.

While most snowmobilers love the trail rides others want to experience more extreme snowmobiling adventures. 

Cross Country Ski Trails - This page will give you specific information about popular cross-country trails and, as well, ideas about other places to enjoy "skinny skiing." 

Cross Country Skiing Basics - If cross-country skiing is new to you, these tips and resources will get you started.

Snowshoeing is another way to get out into the winter beauty. Many of these trails are the same as those used for cross-country skiing. We especially like exploring Minnesota state parks on snowshoes.

Dog Sledding Tours - There are several places in Minnesota where you can go on a dog sled adventure. It's a perfect activity on a winter vacation.

The Minnesota Fact and Picture Book: Fun Facts for Kids About Minnesota
Adventure Tours Travel

Adventure Tours Travel
on Minnesota Lakes and Rivers

Minnesota Lakes - There is no doubt that there are many more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota despite our claim to be "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." Depending on which survey you believe there may be as many as 12,000. Fishing Resorts are located on many of our largest lakes. Many of our most popular tourist destinations base their economy of the lakes. These include Brainerd - Alexandria - Detroit Lakes and more. 

Minnesota Rivers: Our most famous, and longest river is the Mississippi River that flows across the state. The Minnesota River flows across the bottom of the state, joining the Mississippi in the Twin Cities

Mississipi Riverboat Cruises - At the riverfront in Saint Paul, you can take a short sight-seeing riverboat cruise longer, adventure cruises to more distant ports.

The Red River of The North flows through the Red River Valley from south to north in Minnesota and North Dakota. Enjoy canoeing the Red River on a visit to Moorhead and in Red River State Park

Adventure Tours Travel in Minnesota State Parks

Minnesota State Parks are areas of the state that have been set aside to protect and showcase some of Minnesota's most amazing opportunities for unique adventures. The first adventure on this list is the state park that features the Devil's Kettle.

Judge C.R. Magney State Park will confound you with the mystery of the Devil's Kettle. You will be "famous" if you solve it. 

Forestville Mystery Cave State Park - see amazing formations as you explore the cave with a naturalist as your guide. What better example of adventure tours travel than exploring a mysterious cave!

Soudan Underground Mine State Park This underground mine near Ely closed in 1962 and has now been named a National Historic Landmark. The mine structures and buildings remain intact. In 1963, 1,322 acres that include the mine, as well as donated surrounding land, was designated as a state park

Zippel Bay State Park - This is on our list of adventure tours travel because it is our farthest north state park and thus visited by few people. Don't miss this state park on the shores of Lake of the Woods. We love it!

Plan your Minnesota State Parks visit; read our own Minnesota State Park e-book.

Minnesota State Parks: How to Get There, What to Do, Where to Do It

Adventure Tours Travel

Minnesota National Parks and Forests - The only National Park in Minnesota is Voyageurs National Park. It is one of the most recently created National Park in the U.S. 

National Forest Campgrounds - The Chippewa National Forest and Superior National Forest provide amazing camping experiences for those who want to experience the beauty of forest camping in some of our most remote locations.

Explorer's Guide Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes (Second Edition) (Explorer's Complete)

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