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Minnesota Visitor, Issue #10 --The Seven States of Minnesota
June 06, 2012

The Seven States of Minnesota

There are seven unique regions of our state, at times called the “Seven States of Minnesota.”

These seven diverse regions of Minnesota are:
  • The Arrowhead
  • The Iron Range
  • The Bogs
  • The Red River Valley
  • The Heartland
  • The Southern Plains
  • The Bluff Country
The wild and beautiful Arrowhead region includes the stunning Lake Superior North Shore as well as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Minnesota’s only National Park, Voyageurs National Park. It encompasses the part of the state from the southwest shores of Lake Vermillion to Lake Superior on the eastern edge of Minnesota.

From the earliest days travelers have been attracted to the pine forests and sparkling lakes in the Arrowhead. Much of the northern part of the region that borders Canada has been set aside as the protected Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The Lake Superior North Shore is a magnificent road trip. You can spend some time in Duluth then travel at your own pace all the way to the Canadian border. If you just want to drive with a few short sight-seeing and food stops, you can do this is a day. I wouldn’t. Take a few days and spend some time in:
There are many other charming small towns along this route, some of our most beautiful state parks and, as well, cascading waterfalls, glimpses of wildlife, and views of the ships on the great lake. Take your time!

When you have explored all the joys of the North Shore, you will only have discovered a tiny bit of the Arrowhead region. Your next adventure might be a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters or a somewhat less intense trip to Voyageurs National Park.

Ely Minnesota vacations are sometimes a starting point for trips into the wilderness however a getaway to Ely is a great trip all on its own.

Read more about the Seven Unique Regions of Minnesota.

Where will you vacation in Minnesota this year?

The Seven States of Minnesota: Driving Tours Through the History, Geology, Culture and Natural Glory of the North Star State

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