Cheap Vacation Ideas in Minnesota

With a tight economy and family budget, we’re always on the outlook for cheap vacation ideas.

August is prime vacation time in Minnesota. The heat wave seems to have broken and the outlook is for some wonderful weather ahead. Minnesota State Parks are once again open; they are often our favorite cheap vacation destinations.

If you have kids, cheap family vacations are on your mind. If getting away as a couple is what you’re hoping for, check out these cheap romantic getaways in Minnesota.

You may have already used up your vacation time for the year or may not have the funds for any vacation at all. You still need to find time to relax and reconnect with loved ones and friends. We have some tips for you as well. Plan a “backyard vacation” or a “staycation.” Here’s how:
Whatever is going on in your life, some time to relax and recharge is essential for great physical and mental well being. Our recommendation? Visit Minnesota!

If you have questions for us you can ask them, and get answers, at our Online Vacation Planning page.

As we travel around Minnesota, we hope to see you!

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