A Scary Memory and a Great Idea

A scary memory for Minnesotans is the Halloween blizzard that happened twenty years ago. A great idea is to begin to plan a Minnesota winter vacation.

Twenty years ago the “Great Halloween Blizzard” inundated parts of Minnesota. While there are no expectations of a repeat of that scenario for today, it is a reminder that, while Halloween is celebrated today, winter is not far behind.

As we always say: “don’t hide from winter; get out and play in it.”

Some of the best winter vacations anywhere are Minnesota winter vacations. Whether you are a “pro” or a "novice," you can experience winter sports at every level. Winter vacations in Minnesota are memorable family vacations. Just choose your favorite from our list of winter sports and begin to plan a Minnesota winter vacation that will get you out into the fun.

If your idea of a winter vacation is a cozy romantic getaway, we have ideas for you as well. The romantic winter getaway page on our Romantic Getaway in Minnesota website has lots of ideas.

If you live in Minnesota, or plan to visit Minnesota this winter, go to our online vacation planning page to let us know how we can point you to the tips and resources you want for the best Minnesota vacation in all four seasons of the year!

Hooray for Minnesota Winters!: For Minnesotans (and Those Who Wish They Were) of All Ages

As we travel around Minnesota, we hope to see you!

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