The Anishinabe Tribe in Minnesota

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The Anishinabe are sometimes also called Ojibway/Ojibwe, Chippewa/Chippeway and Native Americans-First Nations.

Anishinabe Tribe

Learn about the Anishinabe tribe in Minnesota. Explore Anishinabe history, culture and festivals.

They are the third largest Indian tribe in North America, surpassed only by the Cherokee and Navajo.

The Anishinabe were primarily located around the Great Lakes region, mostly in the Lake Superior area. They are known for their canoes and harvesting of wild rice.

The tribe is often called "Chippewa" in the United States and "Ojibwe/Ojibway" in Canada. They call themselves Anishinabe meaning "first men". They accept the name "Ojibwe" (even though they prefer Anishinabe).

Minnesota Native American People: Books and Resources

Anishinabeg "Ann-eh-shin-ah-beg"

"This is the word that we call ourselves." Generally, it is reserved for Anishinabe people to refer to themselves, although there are some that would rather be known by this name. Actually, the Anishinabe are also people that live in our creation stories. They are the original people and were very weak.

One meaning is "original people as opposed to those other people who came later. "Another meaning is "Original people meaning creators, as opposed to those who cannot create". Connotations of the first meaning are that the "original people" came down from the sky."

Ojibwe, Basic: Learn to Speak and Understand Ojibwe with Pimsleur Language Programs

There are Seven Anishinabe Tribe Reservations in Minnesota:

  • Grand Portage located in the northeast corner of the state
  • Bois Forte located in extreme northern Minnesota
  • Red Lake located in extreme northern Minnesota west of Bois Forte
  • White Earth located in northwestern Minnesota near Detroit Lakes
  • Leech Lake located in the north central portion of the state
  • Fond du Lac located in northeast Minnesota west of the city of Duluth
  • Mille Lacs located in the central part of the state, south and east of Brainerd

Many Minnesota State Parks are located in areas where you can learn much about the history and culture of Anishinabe tribes.

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Learn About the Anishinabe and Lakota Tribes:

Take some time to look at this award winning series about the Anishinabe

Spend some time on your Minnesota vacation to learn about the Anishinabe and Native Americans. The Mille Lacs Indian Museum is a good place to start.

You can tour a re-created Indian village at Grand Portage National Monument

Visit Pipestone National Monument in the southern part of Minnesota.

Anishinabe Tribes

The Anishinabe tribes speak a language called Anishinaabemowin. The language is a branch of the larger Algonquin language family. The language is in danger of being lost when the present elders of the tribe are gone. There has been a great effort in recent years to teach the indigenous language of Minnesota, to the younger generation.

There are increasingly more resources being produced to help those interested in learning the Anishinaabe or Ojibwe language and culture.

Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe

Ojibwe in Minnesota (People Of Minnesota)

The Anishinabe Academy, a Minneapolis Public School, is a magnet school focusing on high academic achievement through Native American culture and language. They welcome and invite families and students of all cultures.

Anishinabe Traditions Include Wild Ricing

We choose Native harvested wild rice for all of our wild rice recipes.

Anishinabe Tribe

The Anishinabe tribes traditional foods are still popular with many Minnesotans. We have included some wonderful recipes based on these foods:

On other pages of this website we explore more about the Anishinabe/Ojibwe in Minnesota:

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