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Visit Minnesota tourist attractions. Our travel guide advice is based on a lifetime of exploring Minnesota and offering travel guidance to friends and relatives. 

Discover the best travel destinations in all seven of our distinct Minnesota tourism spots. 

What do you want to know about Minnesota tourism? If you don't find what you need, just use the contact form and ask. 

If this is your first Minnesota vacation, or if you have lived here all your life, you will discover something new to explore in each of the seven regions of Minnesota. 

"With everything from sod houses to skyscrapers, from timeless steamboat towns on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, to Wobegonic farm country in the west, and from Minneapolis's world class art scene to a record-setting ball of twine, this state will leave even seasoned travelers impressed." ~ Tricia Cornell, The Moon Minnesota Handbook

Popular Minnesota Tourist Attractions 

Forbes Magazine recently named the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as "the most relaxing" cities in the country. The Twin Cities provide energy, culture, art, and entertainment to rival any metropolitan area in the world.

Duluth is a smaller city and offers a totally unique Minnesota vacation experience with it's seaport and access to the Lake Superior North Shore.  

Red Wing, Minnesota was recently named one of the top 25 historic destinations in the world by National Geographic Traveler magazine. The same magazine highlighted Minneapolis as one of the “10 best summer trips."

Journalist Charles Kuralt called Ely, Minnesota the "number one vacation destination in the country." He further stated: "On the map, Ely appears to be at the end of the road. For people who love the wilderness and beauty and solitude, on the contrary, it's the center of the world."

We show you one wonderful thing to see or do in each of these towns & Cities in Minnesota. You will find the widest variety of things to do in the big cities however many of our smallest towns offer some of the most unique experiences. 

Find Cheap Minnesota Vacation Packages and read what other travelers have to say about the places to go and things to do in Minnesota.

Minnesota Travel
Road Trips & Day Trip Tours

Minnesota Road Trips will take you along our scenic byways, through lovely small towns, into the woods, and alongside lakes and rivers. These trips include exploration of the Great River Road, trips along Lake Superior, and trips where you will see wildflowers, the Northern Lights, and wildlife.

Visit Minnesota State Parks

State Parks are found in every region of Minnesota. With 78 state parks and recreation areas, you will find something to see and do in every season of the year. 

Minnesota State Parks: From Afton to Zippel Bay

Legendary Minnesota Lakes & Rivers

It's everywhere...even on our license plates..."Land of 10,000 Lakes."

One of the most beautiful spots in all the world is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Our legendary resorts are all located on scenic lakes. 

National Geographic described Lake Vermilion as one of the ten most scenic lakes in the United States.

The Mississippi River is "born" in Minnesota at Itasca State Park.

Explore our "inland sea" with a sea kayaking trip or a road trip along the North Shore of Lake Superior

Relax on a houseboat in Voyageurs National Park.  

Minnesota fishing brings thousands of visitors to our state every year.

Most of our 78 Minnesota State Parks are located on lakes.

Minnesota Family Vacations

Visit Minnesota

Family vacation resorts treat you to a stay in some of the best vacation spots in Minnesota.

For tips and ideas about a location for your family vacation, check out our "votes" for the top 10 ten family vacations.

Visit Minnesota on your summer vacation;you might spot some of these little known roadside attractions.

Keep the kids happy with lots of  summer activities for kids.

Any time of year is a good time to enjoy one of our many water parks.

Enjoy a vacation without the price of a hotel or airfare with a Staycation or Backyard vacation.

Romantic Vacation Ideas

Enjoy a romantic getaway in one of our hundreds of beautiful vacation spots. Romantic Lanesboro, the "bed & breakfast capital of Minnesota" is just one of the charming choices for a romantic escape.

Visit Minnesota vineyards and taste the wines at our unique wineries. Take a look at many more of our romantic vacation ideas.

Autumn Minnesota Tourist Attractions!

Enjoy Minnesota Tourist Attractions in Our Autumn Splendor 

Visit Minnesota in autumn. The state transforms into an autumn paradise in mid-September. Visitors flock to the highways to view our autumn scenery. Almost every town in the state hosts a fall festival.

We wrote the book on Minnesota State Parks! Follow the link to download a copy to your computer or get it for your Kindle or Nook.

Winter Vacation Ideas

Be sure to visit Minnesota in winter.

By late October the state is often covered with a blanket of snow and is one of the top winter vacation destinations in the world.

Photo Courtesy John Heino Photography

We don't hide from winter! We get out and play in the snow. We love our Minnesota winter sports.

While we don't have mountains, we do have wonderful ski resorts.

Trails across the state, including in our state parks, are groomed for cross-country skiing. You can find places to take a dog sled tour, to skijour with your dog, and go on a sleigh ride. Attend winter festivals in many towns and cities all across the state.

If you enjoy fishing, you will love "hard water fishing" or as it is better known, ice fishing.

Download Our Minnesota State Parks E-Book: Minnesota State Parks: From Afton to Zippel Bay

Minnesota Guidebooks to What to See and Do in Minnesota

Visit Minnesota Vacation Spots Every Year

Select your "home away from home" from hundreds of Minnesota hotels, resorts,or cabins.

We've lived in Minnesota all our lives and have favorite vacation spots like this cabin on the North Shore where we go time after time. You will discover your own special places of beauty and joy. Our hope is that you will take some time to explore the website and discover the state's best vacation destinations, fun things to do and travel tips.

The seven unique regions of Minnesota are sometimes called the "Seven States of Minnesota," How many of these seven unique regions have you explored? Here they are: the Twin Cities, the St. Croix River Valley, the Arrowhead, the Central Lakes area, the Red River Valley, the Prairieland, and the Bluff Country. Each of these areas has a distinct geography and amazing attractions. Which regions of Minnesota have you already visited; where will you go next? You can read about them here.

Many of the photos on our site are our own or have been shared by our children, grandchildren, and other family members and friends. Click here if you want to know more about me.

Visitors to the state offer their opinions about the very best attractions, activities and amenities. Read what other travelers have to say about Minnesota Vacations.

We Wrote the Book on Minnesota State Parks

Ten Best Vacation Spots in Minnesota

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